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Draft Environmental Document
Available for 60 Day Public Review

The USDA Forest Service Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit (LTBMU) is developing a plan to restore Meeks Creek to a more natural condition, while continuing to support sustainable recreation opportunities at Meeks Bay.

The LTBMU and project partners have developed four alternatives that would remove the inoperative marina and artificial lagoon and incorporate recreation amenities such as an improved campground, bicycle and pedestrian paths, parking, and a public access pier.

Today, the project partners released the draft environmental impact statement/environmental impact statement/environmental impact report (Draft EIS/EIS/EIR) for public comment. This Draft EIS/EIS/EIR evaluates the potential environmental impacts of the proposed project, identifies ways to minimize or mitigate potential impacts, and identifies a preferred alternative.

The Draft EIS/EIR/EIS is available for public comment for 60 days from June 10 to August 9, 2022.

Meeks Bay Environmental Review

The Tahoe Lakefront Owners’ Association (TLOA) and individual lakefront owners filed a Petition in Nevada State Court challenging the action by the Nevada Registrar to increase fees exponentially on recreational piers and buoys.

We believe the State Registrar overstepped his authority by enacting regulation setting fees without following the mandate of the statute. The Nevada Statue states unequivocally that the Registrar must base the fees on Fair Market Value. The registrar did anything but base the fees on Fair Market Value.

The Nevada court, by failing to provide a rationale for granting the state’s Motion for Summary Judgement, and failing to find at least one triable fact, further deprived TLOA of its day in court.

Subsequently, the TLOA and petitioners are appealing this matter to the Nevada Supreme Court. While this type of action takes time, rest assured we are committed to seeing justice prevail.