Fire Safety

We Are a Fire Adapted Community, Engaged, Knowledgeable and working together to prevent and Prepare for Wildfire...

The risk of wildfire in the Lake Tahoe Basin is growing each year. To prevent loss of life, land, and personal property, follow along with these tips, checklists, and guidelines to become part of the Fire Adapted Community. 

In 2021, a team of scientists from 5 institutions initiated a series of “rapid response” studies to quantify the impacts of wildfire smoke on Lake Tahoe’s water quality and ecosystems. The studies were supported by non-profit organizations, resource management agencies, private donors, and their individual institutions.

Read the Report 

See the Map below. Click on the appropriate area badge to be redirected to your fire district resource center. Map adapted from

Defensible Space Inspections – California
  • Placer
  • El Dorado – Please call the City Fire Inspector at (530)542-7428 to get an inspection
  • West Shore – To schedule a defensible space inspection that does not involve building projects, contact Eric at 530-584-2344 or
Defensible Space Inspections – Nevada
TRPA Tree removal Application

Sign Up for Emergency Alerts

Emergency notification systems are used by county emergency managers to send a prepared message via text, email or telephone to people in the affected area. Most systems will allow you to enter multiple forms of contact information, such as home phone number, cell phone, work phone and email address. To register, follow the links below for your County:

Know Your Fire District

Use the interactive map below, adapted from, with permission from the University of Nevada Cooperative Extension, the Living With Fire Program, and Tahoe RCD. Click on the appropriate location badge to be redirected to your district’s fire resources.