Basin Watch

Our focus is to preserve the beauty and quality of Lake Tahoe...

We take pride in our stewardship efforts. TLOA represents the interests of approximately 1,700 privately owned lakefront parcels around Lake Tahoe. We work together to preserve the beauty and quality of Lake Tahoe.

Meeks Bay Restoration Story Map – Currently in environmental review. Visit the Project Website

• Tahoe Region AIS Action Agenda 2021 – 2030 Download|View

• Lake Tahoe Aquatic Invasive Species Control – Tahoe RCD Implementation Work Funded by SB-630 Fund Project Website

• Solutions To Control Weeds in the Tahoe Keys Project Website

• Tahoe Keys Lagoons Aquatic Weed Control Methods Test – Aquatic Herbicide Test (July 2020) – Draft, Final to be released later this year View Draft EIS


Pier and Buoy Rent funding all comes back to Lake Tahoe; Funds Science, AIS, Nearshore water quality and public access…

Download/View Protecting Lake Tahoe with Science 

Visit the Tahoe Science Council Website

Protect Lake Tahoe

Use the Citizen Science Tahoe App to Report Issues and Observations that Compromise the Health of Lake Tahoe

Report Litter, Graffiti, or Other Human Impacts

Report Algae Growth and Invasive Weeds

Report Weather Conditions Such As Rain or Snow

Reporting Water Quality Issues Helps Us Find Erosion